ERC Soft | 360 Fade Limited Edition
ERC Soft | 360 Fade Limited Edition
ERC Soft | 360 Fade Limited Edition
ERC Soft | 360 Fade Limited Edition


ERC Soft | 360 Fade Limited Edition

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  • Increased Greenside Spin From New GRIP Urethane Coating
    This coating system features high-elongation paint for increased control on approach shots and short game shots.
  • More Ball Speed & Soft Feel From NEW HyperElastic SoftFast Core
    Optimized for faster driver speed and soft feel around the green.
  • Exceptional Feel, Control, Spin + Long Distance From Hybrid Cover
    The cover allows us to create a versatile, multi-material construction. This is how we combine maximized distance from high launch and low spin, with soft feel and durability.
  • Enhanced Ball Speed and Control From High Speed Mantle
    Creates more efficient energy transfer between the layers for more ball speed and provides more wedge spin around the green.
  • Advanced Alignment Across The Golf Ball From New 360 Fade Technology
    Designed to help you choose the proper start line, and to promote visible roll feedback on the putting green.


Experience unparalleled control and unmatched distance off the tee with the revolutionary ERC Soft 360 Fade Golf Ball. Designed to optimize your fade shots, this innovative ball combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance. The 360-degree Alignment Aid helps you align your shots with precision, ensuring every swing is on target.

Crafted with a high-energy core, the ERC Soft 360 Fade Golf Ball delivers explosive distance while maintaining a soft feel off the clubface. Its innovative Dual SoftFast Core™ maximizes compression energy, resulting in remarkable ball speeds and increased carry distances. Say goodbye to sacrificing distance for control—this ball offers the best of both worlds.

The proprietary Triple Track Technology™ further enhances your game, providing a clear visual path for improved putting accuracy. With three prominent lines on the ball, you can easily align your putts and roll them true to the target. It's like having a personal caddy guiding you on the greens.

Not only does the ERC Soft 360 Fade Golf Ball excel in performance, but it also boasts exceptional durability, ensuring it can withstand the demands of your game. With a durable cover that resists scuffs and scratches, this ball is designed to last round after round, providing consistent performance and reliability.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic amateur, the ERC Soft 360 Fade Golf Ball will elevate your game to new heights. Embrace the power of precision, dominate the course with fade shots, and experience golf like never before. Unleash your true potential with the ERC Soft 360 Fade Golf Ball.