Chrome Tour 4 Dozen

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  1. Tour-Level Performance: The Chrome Soft Tour is engineered to deliver the performance demanded by professional golfers. It offers excellent control, feel, and distance, making it suitable for players of all skill levels who prioritize performance.

  2. Soft Feel: As the name suggests, the Chrome Soft Tour is known for its exceptionally soft feel off the clubface. This soft feel contributes to enhanced feedback and control, particularly on delicate shots around the greens.

  3. Distance: Despite its soft feel, the Chrome Soft Tour doesn't sacrifice distance. It features advanced core technology designed to maximize ball speed and distance off the tee without compromising control.

  4. Spin Control: The Chrome Soft Tour provides golfers with the ability to control spin on approach shots and around the greens. This control is essential for holding greens on approach shots and executing precise chip and pitch shots.

  5. Durable Cover: The Chrome Soft Tour utilizes a durable urethane cover that helps maintain its performance characteristics over multiple rounds of play. This ensures that golfers can enjoy consistent performance throughout the life of the ball.

  6. Optimized Aerodynamics: Callaway has engineered the Chrome Soft Tour with aerodynamic enhancements to promote a penetrating ball flight and optimal trajectory in various wind conditions.

  7. Alignment Aid: Some versions of the Chrome Soft Tour feature alignment aids to assist golfers in aiming their putts more accurately, helping them hole more putts and lower their scores.